Eythor Reynisson double Icelandic Motocross Champion in 2014



Now the motocoss season of 2014 is nearly finished, this year has been great, no injuries that is the most important for me this year and next years. But I feel like I am getting stronger and faster and looking forward to 2015 season. 3 weeks ago I finished the Icelandic championship, I am now 2014 MX2 and MXopen champion in Iceland, incredible feeling especially when you win the last round, that is so important. Now I am 7 time Icelandic champion, 3 times MX2, 2 times MXopen, Enduro (ECC2) and 85cc class champion. This year I did races all over Europe, I was traveling a lot so I was not racing any special series, so I just did 1 or 2 races in each series. Here are the best results I had in this year 2014.

National Champion in Iceland, MX OPEN
National Champion in Iceland, MX2
9th. place in Spanish championship (MX2)
6th. place in Danish championship (MX2)
6th. place on Pro Nationals Weston Beach Race (MX2)
2th. place in VLM series in Belgium (MX2)

Now I am staying I Belgium until the races finishes, my plan is to race in VLM series and when that is finished in end of October I go to Iceland again, but I really what to race the supercross in Germany but I think that will cost too much.

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Thanks for the help in 2014