MXON Training day 1

Me and my dad had a flight to Amsterdam and drive to Lommel to ride with 2 of  our friends Eysteinn and Guðni. I had a new bike and was just testing new things, Jeffery Herlings was riding and many of the guys was there Yesterday practicing for the race in Italy this weekend lots of rain have bin falling down but gets better tomorrow.

Eythor Reynisson triple Icelandic Champion 2011


Fuel stop in Enduro

I managed to win 3 titles this year in Iceland and my first Enduro title. This was also my first full season in enduro. I am very happy how this year has been, good to be still young and have won these titles. Next year I am going to try do diffrent things and go out of my country. Mostly to Belgium and somewhere ther a around in the sand tracks.